Shortcrust pastry recipe with and without mixer by Commentfait Ton


You want to learn how to make shortcrust pastry with or without a beater, then you've come to the right place. Shortcrust pastry is used in both cooking and baking, so knowing the trick is important. I explain to you step by step in writing the steps you have to do but you also have the videos at your disposal, it's cute come from my Youtube channel "Commentfait Ton"

I give you the ingredients but be kind to watch the video at least the first minute to pay for my work. Thank you so much.


Ingredients for about 2 to 3 pies:

250g of flour

125g butter

1 pinch of salt

1 egg

About 10 cl of water (I forgot to put it on the video sorry)

(you can add 20 g of sugar but it's optional)


Step 1 :

I SHOW you here how to make your shortcrust pastry with a mixer. If you do it by hand, watch my video, but the principle remains the same.
Start by putting the flour, the butter cut into small cubes, the salt and the sugar if you want to add it in the bowl of your stand mixer (if you add it, do not exceed a tablespoon, it will be more than enough).
Using a leaf (a hook that looks like a leaf, often used to make choux pastry), start sanding the ingredients so that the butter blends into the flour.

2nd step:
If you knead your dough by hand, sandblasting is done by successively rubbing butter and flour. You will see that by dint of rubbing with each other it will become homogeneous. Once this operation is done by hand or with a mixer, you can add the egg, mix a little more, you will then obtain a homogeneous paste. If it is firm to your liking, you can add either a little egg or a little water. I advise you to watch my video to know when it will work easily.

Step 3:

Once your shortcrust pastry is finished, leave it wrapped in cling film for about an hour and you can use it as you wish. Don't forget that like any pasta, this one needs rest even when you lay it down to make your pies. If you work it too quickly, the shortcrust pastry will tend to shrink and fall during baking.

Good appetite and see you soon on Commentfait Ton

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