Chocolate eclairs recipe by Commentfait Ton - easy and delicious recipe


You like chocolate éclairs, the quintessential French dessert, you would like to make them yourself at home, and know that it is possible. I will explain to you step by step in writing but also via a video from my Youtube channel "Commentfait Ton" not to miss your delicious chocolate éclair.

 I give you the ingredients but be kind to watch the video at least the first minute to pay for my work. Thank you so much.


                                 Ingredients for about 10 chocolate éclairs:

                                                                                                          Choux pastry ingredients

                                                                                                                       250ml water

                                                                                                                        150g flour                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                       3 to 5 eggs (depending on their size)

                                                                                                                         80g of butter

                                                                                                                              1 pinch of salt


                                                                                                  Pastry Cream Ingredients:                                                                                                       

                                                                                                         1  liter of milk

                                                                                                         50g flour

                                                                                                          50g cornstarch

                                                                                                         80g caster sugar

                                                                                                           4 eggs

                                                                                                           1 teaspoon/coffee of liquid vanilla

                                                                                                           1 teaspoon vanilla powder

                                                                                                               200g chocolate powder


                                                                                                               Frosting Ingredients:

                                                                                                              100g pastry chocolate

                                                                                                               50g icing sugar

                                                                                                               30g melted butter

                                                                                                               Water if needed




Step 1 :

Start With the recipe for choux pastry by hand or in a mixer, start by melting in a saucepan with the water and salt. Once the drink has dissolved in the water, add the flour, bake gently until you obtain a homogeneous paste, avoiding lumps, then mix this paste vigorously in order to dry it for at least three to four minutes.

Step 2:
Put your dough either in your container for your mixer or in a salad bowl if you are making the choux pastry by hand and start mixing at first speed with a mixer and with a wooden spoon by hand in order to cool the dough. dough already formed. Mix for at least two to three minutes.

Step 3:

Start to incorporate the eggs one by one, you will see the first ones are a bit complicated to mix then the more you add the easier it becomes. You need to add the eggs, just to get the consistency you want. The choux pastry should be neither too soft nor too firm, the best is to watch one of my videos in order to understand how the choux pastry should be.

Steps 4:

Your choux pastry is ready, all you have to do is take a pocket and a nozzle, and pipe your éclairs in the size of your choice. I advise you about a centimeter wide for 15 cm long knowing that they will take volume in your oven. Bake at 180 degrees for about 40 to 50 minutes. It is important that your cabbages are cold and dry, so I advise you to prepare them either the day before or in the morning for use the next day or in the evening.


A few hours before assembling your éclairs, prepare the pastry cream.

To start, heat your milk in a saucepan, then meanwhile put your eggs and sugar in a bowl, whisk vigorously with a whisk just to whiten the whole. Then add the sifted flour and the cornstarch (know that you can replace these two ingredients with special pastry cream powder which is now quite easily found online and to be honest with this powder that professional pastry chefs use the cream is best). Mix until the whole becomes homogeneous.

Once the milk comes to a boil, pour some of it into your egg sugar flour preparation and mix well for a few seconds then put the whole thing back in the saucepan with the rest of the milk. While mixing regularly, allow your pastry cream to thicken. When it comes to a boil, mix for 3 to 4 minutes without stopping and without lowering the heat (or your plate). It is really very important to cook your pastry cream well, especially if you are using it to make cream puffs or if you are not recooking it. 

Steps 6:

Once the cooking is finished, put your cream on a fairly large plate or a large container and let it cool as quickly as possible. Personally for certain steps I recommend that you watch my video where I clearly explain how to do it. Know that you can add the chocolate powder when the cream is hot or when it is cold and that you will mix again to give it a nice appearance. For this recipe I use chocolate powder that I personally incorporate when it is cold, but you can also use pastry chocolate in this case add it directly to your milk when making the pastry cream, all you have to do is cool it as quickly as possible and remix it just before using it so that it is supple and very creamy. If you add the chocolate powder to the operation and the same, the whole thing is to obtain a well-chocolate pastry cream and above all without lumps, normally after 2 to 3 minutes of mixing, the cream is perfect.

Steps 7:

Take your eclairs, using a socket and drill two holes on each end. Again I advise you to watch my video to understand my way of doing it. Put your chocolate pastry cream that you have to mix again in a pocket with a tip of the same size as the one you used to make the holes in the choux pastry. Fill your eclairs with pastry cream, first filling the first hole, then the second, when your eclair is filled, the cream will come out through the opposite hole. Do this with all lightning bolts. All you have to do is glaze your chocolate éclairs.

Steps 8: 

To prepare your icing, melt your butter with the pastry chocolate then add the icing sugar, mix until you obtain the consistency of your choice. If it is a little too firm, add a little water.
Using a wooden spoon, spread your icing on your eclairs, taking care to draw two fairly thin strips next to each other and make a nice finish. Once again I invite you to watch my video, it will be easier for you to understand.
Your chocolate éclairs are now finished, you must keep them cold between 3 and 5 degrees and consume them within 48 hours.


 Good appetite and see you soon on Commentfait Ton

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